2019 Fandom Goals

Hello  and Welcome to Nica Fictional Fandoms! Here is to making 2019 another amazing experience for me and embracing all the lovely stories I read/watch and falling in fictional characters. 😀 However, I am hoping to strategically direct my fandoms this year into reading more books that widen my horizon, and probably  make a real dent into watching K-dramas , Anime and Movies.


2018 has been a very good year reading wise, even though I have been so busy with other things in life . So Yayyy! I have managed to achieve my  Goodreads Reading Challenge 2018 by reading a total of 71 Books.  *does the happy dance* and plan on continuing my Goodreads Challenge 2019 for 72 books this time. 😀 I do not want to stress my self over the number, but i still want to read more books than I read in 2018. Hence just getting it up by one book. 😛  *progress is still progress*

Read 12 Classics

Apart from breaking into genres, I want to make a slight dent in the classics section, because well they are classics for a reason and I would love to discover that first hand

Read 12 Non Fiction 

Even though, I don’t read much Non- Fiction, I want to make it a point to read at least one each month, which will probably help me in my career or just life in general. Also, It won’t be bad to read up some general knowledge stuff 😛

Read 12 Books released in 2019

I am so bad at reading New Releases, and always stick to recommended reads, but I want this to definitely change this year as I’m planning to review more books on my blog, and YouTube channel. That’s definitely more than 12 books though.

Read 12 Translated Book

I believe, book are translated for a reason, for a wider audience to read and enjoy them. Which is like another culture/language  giving a chance to understand them. And i know a lot of context is probably lost in translation. I still want to make sure I give this a chance.


Watch 24 K- Drama Series. As simple as it gets. I am not pressurizing myself into what genres I really need to watch. As long as I do make it a point to finish them 😛


Watch 24 Anime Series/ Movies. Again. I am not really going to stress on it this year. But just enough to keep me satisfied 😛


Watch 6 TV Shows. TV Shows are a commitment, and with all my other goals, I believe 6 TV shows would be a good enough number to tackle.


Watch 24 Movies. Not much pressure on which genre, or particularly which language.
I am pretty sure I am gonna exceed this number way more than my goal. However, I am probably going to set myself into watching all the films from a particular director, watching more recent movies to review or at the most direct myself into watching a particular type of movie. I really don’t know, I am just going to let it free flow. 😛

And that would be it…
I am looking forward to all of the lovely characters I will meet, and especially all of the fandoms I am going to dive into.

What are you guy planning for next year? Have you set any fandom goals? Would you like to join me on any of the challenges? 😀
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