13 Reasons Why | Jeff setting up a date for Clay and Hannah | I

Head canon: Jeff setting up a date for Clay and Hannah.
I couldn’t get enough of seeing Hannah and Clay together… and was inspired by the above image from the show.

Genre: Fluff

● Jeff and his Girlfriend are come to watch a movie, and meets Hannah and Clay at the food counter
●”Hey.. Hope you guys are having fun working on every Saturday of the year.. “
*winks at Clay and Hannah turns to fill the coke glasses for Jeff and his Girlfriend*
●*Jeff leaning over the counter whispers to Clay* Dude, ask her out already… you people are working on weekends but you hang out all the time during school too..
●Clay is making sure Hannah cannot hear them, and gives him a nod… “Okay okay.. don’t talk front of her at least”
●Hannah has turned around and has a tray full of two glasses of coke with an extra large bucket of popcorn.. “Here’s your order Jeff… it’s only fun when we are watching a movie every Saturday not scraping stranger’s chewing gums from under the seats.” *pauses and looks at clay* “although i have some awesome company to do that with.” * smiles*
● Jeff and Clay are both smiling while Jeff makes a gesture,telling Clay to ask her out for the movies while Hannah is making the bill.

●Hannah looks up, *catches them talking to each other* “hey.. what you guys talking about?”
●Clay is trying to cover up “Oh ..nothing just….Jeff interrupts and replies calmly.. ” Actually i was asking him if he is free tomorrow? “ …um.. “Would you like to join for a movie tomorrow.. you could scrape your own chewing gum this time;)”
●*looks at clay* Um sure.. i guess. Sounds like a plan..
●*Jeff looks at Clay and smiles* “And what about you Jensen… Would you come for a movie tomorrow?”
● Clay realizes what Jeff is doing and hesitates “ Yes.. i think it would be fun” *looks at Hannah*
● Jeff’s GF has come to the food counter now.. telling him they are going to be late for the movie
●*Jeff speaking hastily while his GF is pulling him away* “ “So .. That’s great… Because I am not free. You two enjoy the date tomorrow… It’s on me….
●Hannah and Clay look at each other awkwardly…. Clay is blushing till his cheeks turn red and Hannah looks away and smiles.